Helpful resources on air purification and the benefits of UV light in killing airborne pathogens.

Studies show that COVID-19 patients were found to release the SARS-CoV-2 virus into the air simply by exhaling. This is a sobering finding that increases the importance of clean air in rooms across the globe.

Below you will find helpful information and studies on the spread of airborne pathogens and the benefits of UV light.

Featured Resources


Air Purification Comparison Chart

Get an at-a-glance view of the available air purification devices to see how they stack up against one another and UV Health Group's portfolio of UV-C products.

Lab Test

Laboratory for Infecious Disease Research

The latest study from the University of Missouri’s Laboratory for Infectious Disease Research certifying the SafeAirUV™ System we developed. 


Safe Schools Solution Brief

Masked school teacher with class

Keep kids, teachers, safe while satisfying stakeholders with safe with clean, virus-free air.


White Paper: Safe Air

Patients laying in hospital

Air cleanliness achieved with UV-C, a wavelength of light outside of the visible light spectrum known to kill viruses.


Confidence UV-C
Lighting Brochure

Confidence UV-C Lighting Spec Sheet

Assurance UV-C Brochure

Assurance UV-C
Spec Sheet

UV Health Group in the News

Front lamp example
Front lamp example

April 2021 Press Release

Read our recent announcement launching our portfolio of UV-C lighting products.

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