Keeping Air Safe for Students and Teachers

With our bio-lab tested UV-C LED-based fixtures

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What are today's school administrators grappling with?

Parents are making the difficult decision on whether or not to keep their children at home or send them to school, forcing them to choose between work and the well-being of their kids. Furthermore, economies are failing to bounce back because too many parents are unable to go back to work.

As such, administrators across grades K-12 and higher education are must negotiate with multiple stakeholders (parents, teachers, staff, board members, unions, and students) regarding the best way to create an environment safe enough to continue in-class instruction.

Unfortunately, airborne viruses are tricky: HEPA filters don’t have a fine enough filter to catch them, and wiping down surfaces doesn’t do anything to combat them.

Laboratory for Infecious Disease Research

"On top of a 99.9996% efficacy rate, results showed that the SafeAirUV™ System inactivated the virus to below a detectable amount.” – Dr. Paul Anderson, University of Missouri


Solution: UV-C light fixtures keep the air clean

For many decades, UV-C light has been studied and positively proven to inactivate viruses of all types, on surfaces, and in the air.

Optimizing UV-C light to make indoor air safer requires the right combination of UV-C technology, a powerful wavelength, well-positioned fixtures, and proper airflow planning. The results provide rapid and continuous virus removal, closest to the point of infection, while people are still in the room.

Clean the air and bring students back safely

That’s where UV Health Group comes in. In addition to the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re providing a safe facility for both staff and students, our Confidence™ LED Lighting and Assurance™ SafeAirUV System fixtures provide:

Text that reads "Air that's been cleared of 99.9996% of viruses including COVID-19"
Text that reads "Improved downlighting for kids (including circadian settings)"

Scientific Proof of Efficacy: The SafeAirUV™ System was tested with airborne SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus at the University of Missouri's Infectious Disease Lab - a Level III national bio-lab. Per Dr. Paul Anderson, test results showed "inactivation of 99.9996% of the virus, which is below any detectable amount."

Get the SafeAirUV™ System, and Know They’re Safe

Both our Confidence™ LED Lighting and Assurance™ SafeAirUV™ System product lines are designed to continuously cycle air through a sealed, UV-C LED-light chamber. This process inactivates virtually all viruses and ensures that there are multiple air cleansings in a room per hour. Furthermore, compared to other solutions, we use the most powerful wavelength of germicidal UV-C -- 275nm (20% more effective germicidal wavelength than short-life, UV-C 254nm light generated from short-life mercury-vapor bulbs). All fixtures have been engineered to be maintenance-free for 7-10 years.

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