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Clean air is still a challenge for elder care facilities

Of all the hurdles we've had to overcome over the past year, it's become abundantly clear that providing safe, clean air is the single most important challenge to meet.

While most residents and staff are now vaccinated against it, protection from COVID-19 (and other airborne viruses) in elder care facilities must be front and center if we're going to re-open communal gathering spaces.

If you're looking to reassure staff, residents, and families that your facilities are protected from the current (and any future) pandemic, clean air is what will set you apart.

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"On top of a 99.9996% efficacy rate, results showed that the SafeAirUV™ System inactivated the virus to below a detectable amount.” – Dr. Paul Anderson, University of Missouri

Get the SafeAirUV™ System, Gain Peace of Mind

Both our Confidence™ LED Lighting and Assurance™ SafeAirUV™ System product lines are designed to continuously cycle air through a sealed, UV-C LED-light chamber. This process inactivates virtually all viruses and ensures that there are multiple air cleansings in a room per hour. Furthermore, compared to other solutions, we use the most powerful wavelength of germicidal UV-C -- 275nm (20% more effective germicidal wavelength than short-life, UV-C 254nm light generated from short-life mercury-vapor bulbs). All fixtures have been engineered to be maintenance-free for 7-10 years.

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Fact: UV-C light fixtures keep the air in communal spaces clean

For many decades, UV-C light has been studied and positively proven to inactivate viruses of all types, on surfaces, and in the air.

UV Health Group has designed lines of UV-C, purpose-built products specifically for elder care, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities – where people have no potential for exposure to any UV-C light, ever.

The CDC recommends multiple air changes per hour

At UV Health Group, we’ve developed our UV-C LED-based platform for removing COVID-19 and other viruses from the air, in rooms where people are still present.

Our SafeAirUV™ System is designed to continuously cycle air through its sealed, UV-C LED lights-filled chamber, inactivating virtually all viruses and offering multiple air changes per hour. Our standalone Assurance™ fixtures can be ceiling suspended or wall-mounted and are perfect for adding continuous air treatment in essential gathering places -- with the additional benefit of eradicating viruses that cause seasonal flus and the common cold.

Additionally, our germicidal system is also integrated into a family of fabulous Confidence™ LED lighting fixtures for additional benefits such as improved LED downlighting, including circadian light settings.


Scientific Proof of Efficacy: The SafeAirUV™ System was tested with airborne SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus at the University of Missouri's Infectious Disease Lab - a Level III national bio-lab. Per Dr. Paul Anderson, test results showed "inactivation of 99.9996% of the virus, which is below any detectable amount."

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