Assurance™ SafeAirUV Fixtures

The Safe UVC Germicidal Fixture

Assurance SaveAirUV System
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Enjoy Safe, Virus-Free Air with Assurance™

This standalone air purification unit is powered by the SafeAirUV™ System. It uses strong UVC LED lights to inactivate airborne pathogens (including COVID-19) inside a sealed chamber, out of view of people. This proven germicidal approach provides cleaner and safer air when people are in the room, continuously.

How does Assurance™ work with the SaveAirUV™ System? 

Secured safely and out of human sight, Assurance™ fixtures use quiet, yet powerful, fans to circulate indoor air through the SafeAirUV™ LED UVC light chamber. The UVC light inactivates all viruses in the air, then exhausts the safe air back into the room, continuously.

Assurance™ Means Peace of Mind

Looking to ensure the safest environment for your staff and customers? Join leading businesses and care facilities in fortifying your safety and cleaning regimen by providing virus-free air with Assurance™. We serve all those who strive to keep their indoor spaces safe, including organizations like schools, clinics, elder care facilities, and retail. Here are a few of our specialties:


Medical & Dental

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Elder Care



Safety, Backed By Science


The SafeAirUV™ System has been rigorously tested at a Level III infectious disease lab, using live aerosolized SARS-CoV-2 virus (the cause of COVID-19), and has been proven to inactivate 99.9996% of airborne viruses within minutes. 

Furthermore, our germicidal fixtures use the most powerful wavelength of germicidal UVC  of 275nm (20% more effective than other UVC solutions) and have been engineered to be maintenance-free for 7-10 years.


  • Kills airborne viruses (including COVID-19) closest to the “point of infection” 
  • LED-powered UVC; no mercury-vapor bulbs
  • Continuous air cycle changes for increased airflow
  • Maintenance-cost-free for 7-10 years
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Safe air will set you apart

The SafeAirUV™ System offers facilities the ability to bolster their revenue streams by ensuring that customers, patients and residents can come back with confidence. As the economy comes back to life, people are looking for places they can confidently enter safely.

Display our SafeAirUV™ System decal on your establishment door or display window and show those who enter your establishment that you’re serious about healthy air.

Breathe with Confidence

Be the first to offer safe air in your establishments with the SafeAirUV™ System.

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