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Have you heard that UV light kills COVID?

UV Health Group’s SafeAirUV™ System eliminates 99.9996% of airborne viruses that cause COVID-19 with UV-C light


Studies have shown that tiny virus droplets can be expelled from the lungs and linger indoors in the air for more than four hours.

Our next-generation UV-C air cleansing system uses the strongest wavelength of UV-C light (275nm), has been tested and certified by a level III infectious disease lab, and is proven to inactivate 99.9996% of airborne viruses; significantly reducing the risk of spreading virus droplets from person to person in indoor environments.

UV-C light kills COVID-19 (including the Delta variant) by disrupting the RNA in the SARS-CoV-2 virus, making it impossible to replicate.

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Air That’s Certified 99.9996% Safe

UV Health Group’s SafeAirUV™ System* eliminates airborne viruses (like COVID-19) in communal spaces -- even while people are present -- without any possible human exposure to UV-C light.

*Patent Pending

Laboratory for Infecious Disease Research

A Portfolio of SafeAirUV™ System Products

The SafeAirUV™ System makes the air safe, continuously, anywhere people congregate.
Designed using the latest UV-C LED technology, the SafeAirUV™ System lasts 7-10 years, eliminating the need for disposing harmful mercury-vapor UV-C bulbs in community landfills.

Quiet yet powerful fans continuously circulate the air in the room through a protected UV-C chamber, cleansing the most important air: the air people are breathing. Integrated into a family of beautiful LED lighting fixtures and stand-alone air purification units, the SafeAirUV System is being installed in waiting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, dining halls and more, all while creating (and maintaining) safe, virus-free environments.

Confidence™ LED Lighting

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Assurance™ SafeAirUV™ System

Assurance SaveAirUV System

Bring Your Students, Residents, Staff, and Patients Back Safely

Designed by our team of researchers, our patent-pending SafeAirUV™ System rids the air of airborne viruses (including COVID-19) in any indoor location. Combining the benefits of virus-free air with a strict regimen of surface cleaning not only boosts everyone's confidence but ensures safer communal spaces for all.


Medical + Dental Offices

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Elder Care Facilities



How does it work?

The SafeAirUV System uses long-lasting next-generation germicidal UV-C LED chips to eliminate the threat of viruses while people are present. In order to inactivate harmful viruses, the system pulls air into its secure chamber, filled with long-lasting UV-C LEDs - blasting the contaminated air with UV-C light (275nm), inactivating the tiniest airborne virus droplets before the fans send the cleansed air back into the room. The SafeAirUV System is currently being integrated into lighting fixtures, elevators, airplanes and stand-alone configurations.

Concerned About Eliminating Airborne Pathogens?


From our Air Purification Product Comparison Chart to science-backed research in the form of white papers, you’ll find helpful information on our resources page.

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